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The Central States group needs your help! If you plan to bring a tractor, implement or anything to display please contact Mark Wood at markawood60@gmail.com If it is one tractor or a whole collection let Mark know what you have.

John Zakovec Oliver Tractor Collection

Online Auction Ending July 23rd, 2019 ending at 6:00pm

Open house on July 20th and 21st

Aumann Auctions

Tractor Collection

Oliver 2455 - 1 of 10 built!

Oliver 2255 FWD

Oliver 1955 High Crop

Oliver 1365 Mudder

Cockshutt 1365 Mudder

Minneapolis G450 Mudder

White 2-60 Mudder

5050 AC FWD

Oliver 500

Oliver 1450 High Crop

Oliver 1365

Oliver 1250 High Crop

Cockshutt 1250 High Crop

Oliver 88 Industrial - with overhead loader

Oliver 88 with Ware loader

Oliver 88 with Cab

(3) Oliver 500 parts tractors


Oliver 840 Chopper

Oliver Grinder Mixer 406

Oliver #2 Manure Spreader

Oliver Hay Rake

77-88 Fenders with Extensions

1610 Loader with brackets for 77 and up

Oliver/White 598 Plow

3-4 Bottom Rollover Plow

There was miscommunication within Duwa's Auction Service concerning the date of the Miller Estate auction. The July/August issue of the HPOC Magazine had already gone to print when the auction service discovered their mistake and notified us. The corrected version of the ad is below. The correct date for the auction is Friday, September 6, 2019. Please share.