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Mike Verhulst Auction

Aumann Auction --On-site & Online Bidding

Jun 22, 2019 17766 Eddyville Road Ottumwa, IA

Mike Verhulst grew up on a Minneapolis Moline farm and worked for Minneapolis Moline and White from 1968 until 1974. Mike worked in Hopkins in the engineering department on the G900 & G1000 in the beginning. He later worked on the 50 series improvements. In early 1969 on a fateful trip to the Arizona test farm with the head of engineering, Mike began developing the A4T articulated four wheel drive concept. He was later heavily involved in the development of the White 4-150. He also was involved and did a lot of work on the legendary Corporate Tractor in 1970.



White 4-150 Four Wheel Drive Prototype, never sold but given to Mike from the White Engineering Department around 1975 or so. Mike took the tractor home and put it in the field! The tractor has several features that were not included in later production tractors. Experimental part numbers like rear casting #X80-81055857 and front casting #X30-3105865. Many unique features and one off parts.

A4T 1600 Diesel open station no 3pt 585 engine, exceptional tractor that Mike plowed with at the Half Century of Progress in 2017

G1000 Vista, 4924 original hours

G1000 Brown Belly LP

950 LP, original condition, torque, cab

M5 gas with 2 row Model SK mounted corn picker

M670 Super LP with loader

M670 gas, restored, 3pt, power steering

M670 LP widefront, 3pt, restored

M670 Super gas widefront

5 Star Gas row crop restored

4 Star row crop, 3pt

U302 gas, widefront 3pt

335 utility restored

335 row crop restored

445LP row crop, restored

445 utility, 3pt and power steering

Jet Star 3 Super, 3pt

M602, widefront, 3pt

Brown Jet Star, 3 pt

Massey 97 Diesel 4 Wheel Drive

UB Special


MM Forklift

JD 450 crawler dozer

ZB widefront older restoration

Massey Ferguson 40


U Special LP

UTU gas

ZAU restored

Mikes prototype transmission project

Unfinished GVI needs to be assembled with 4 new tires

JD 420 utility, 3pt

JD 1010 Special, gas, utility, 3pt

JD 70 gas with Roll-a-matic, new tires, restored

JD 50, restored, power steering, fenders, new tires

Oliver tractor 880 with 2 row mounted Model 74-H corn picker

Ford Jubilee with a one row mounted picker

Home made tractor from Ford Model A parts that Mike made with his dad. Mikes first engineering project!

UBU, gas rough

Oliver Super 55 gas


Cockshutt 1350



M5 LP widefront

U Industrial with Shuttle Shift


John Deere 1 row pull type chopper

John Deere 14 T baler

Minneapolis Moline 760 pull type baler

MM J2 3 pt mower

Older MM Mower

MM 4 row planter

MM Corn picker pull type model UP

MM Corn sheller 1210

MM Brown mule gas / W4 combine

MM 8’ 3pt disc

Cast pipe plow

MM 2 bottom cast 3 pt plow

M570 combine gas

Brown Mule

Uni combine on partial cart

Uni-Harvesters & Implements

Uni Harvester early tractor model L V4 engine, no implement

Brown mule / picker, gas

Model LD Uni picker sheller on cart

2 bottom roll over plow

4 row cultivator

530 2 row silage head

510 silage blower

530 2 row pull type silage head and blower

1 row pull type silage cutter

Planter 4 row

Flare box wagons

Uni brown mule with cab

4 bottom on land plow

8 bottom plow with trip bottoms

Numerous plows discs, harrows


New 15.5 & 18.4 x 38 Titan tires

So many parts – listing coming soon. Fenders, hoods, wheels, engines, tires, carbs mags, heads, blocks, engine parts, HD 800 power unit, 385 engine, 2 336 engines, Drop box housing for an A4T, Cut apart housings?, Plow Parts, Walking plow, RTI loader parts, 2665 cab & steering console, Oliver and Minneapolis Moline fenders, Parts 2655 final drive, Radiator assembly for G1000, Picker parts, M5 carcass, U Std Block carcass, UB Carcass, UTS no hood LP, GB carcass,

transmission parts – several wagons and pallets full!!! Some shop tools as well!

Collection of Toys, Memorabilia and Literature

John Zakovec Oliver Tractor Collection

Online Auction Ending July 23rd, 2019 ending at 6:00pm

Open house on July 20th and 21st

Catalog and Full Descriptions coming soon!

Tractor Collection

Oliver 2455 - 1 of 10 built!

Oliver 2255 FWD

Oliver 1955 High Crop

Oliver 1365 Mudder

Cockshutt 1365 Mudder

Minneapolis G450 Mudder

White 2-60 Mudder

5050 AC FWD

Oliver 500

Oliver 1450 High Crop

Oliver 1365

Oliver 1250 High Crop

Cockshutt 1250 High Crop

Oliver 88 Industrial - with overhead loader

Oliver 88 with Ware loader

Oliver 88 with Cab

(3) Oliver 500 parts tractors


Oliver 840 Chopper

Oliver Grinder Mixer 406

Oliver #2 Manure Spreader

Oliver Hay Rake

77-88 Fenders with Extensions

1610 Loader with brackets for 77 and up

Oliver/White 598 Plow

3-4 Bottom Rollover Plow