Aucton Results, Videos, & other fun stuff


Kurt Aumann, Aumann Auctions -- Facebook live talking about Upcoming Auctions and Tractor Stuff

Tour of Welter Farm Supply, Verona MO - mostly MM with some Oliver & White 

Korves Family Turns Part Time Hobby into Full Time Business    

Oliver Taskforce on Wheels

John Jonas Estate Auction -- Results

Great Original 1958 Oliver Super 88 Diesel - Classic Tractor Fever with Mike Kallsem

Kalsem Farms on Classic Tractor Fever

Delco Tractor Restoration Comptition -- 2017 Grand Champion Corey Verstraeten shows off all his all his restorations in his video including his 2018 entry of a 1955 Oliver Super 88:

Iowa Cornbelt Oliver Collectors 2017 Summer Show at Mid-Iowa Power Show at Marshalltown

The Colorblind Plow -- (the purple1850)

Doran Zumbach combining at Brown Farm Pioneer Days - 2016 -Central City, Iowa

Great Original! 1958 Oliver Super 88 Diesel - Classic Tractor Fever

Roundtable Discussion by Former Employees of MM & Oliver plants -- MM Collectors Winter Meeting at Charles City
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